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Tang Zhaoming: Writing the stories of northern Tibet with gratitude

Release time:2019-12-04 17:32
source:China Tibet Online
【Print text】

I am a loyal reader ofChina's Tibetmagazine and a loyal contributor to the magazine. Since 1990 when I met Liao Dongfang, the then-president of the magazine, in Lhasa, my fate withChina's Tibethas remained unbroken.

I regardChina's Tibetmagazine andChina Tibet Onlineas good teachers and friends, and I am very grateful for the platform that I can share the experiences and stories I have with Tibet with even more readers and netizens.

Over the years, I have told stories of Tibet with gratitude. During these years, I went deep into the uninhabited area of northern Tibet, as a result, I became close with the people and things there, which laid the foundation for me to write my "Stories of Northern Tibet" column onChina Tibet Online.It helps more people through the internet understand the real northern Tibet, a place undergoing great changes.

I will never forget when I first entered the uninhabited area of northern Tibet by myself, which coincided with a horse racing event on the grasslands, and nomad's tents became my "temporary canteen" and my hotel at no charge; when I went deep into the hinterland of Tibet and got sick, I was rescued by a nomadic Tibetan medicinal doctor on a fast horse, who saved me from death; in addition, disregarding his own epilepsy, a northern Tibetan man named Tsewang who suffered freezing in his truck bed, let me sit in his driving cab.

From 1987 to the present, I have entered the cold and hypoxic northern Tibetan uninhabited area for 12 times. In the inaccessible hinterland, I was in distress several times and helped by nomads. This made me time after time feel the warmth of the Tibetan people, and it also gave me a love affair with Tibet that cannot be separated in this life.

For decades, I have faithfully recorded the development and changes in Tibet with camera and pen in my hand. In 1997, I was invited by Mr. Liao Dongfan to travel to Tibet for an interview and to shoot for "62 Construction Projects in Tibet", which left a very rich library of photographs showing the country's support to the development and construction of Tibet. I have witnessed first-hand how the construction projects in various fields helped promote the development and construction of Tibet and benefit the lives of the people.

In particular, I'm really touched by the bright smiles of the Tibetans from the bottom of their hearts when they see the running water and electric light come to their homes. At the same time, I also witnessed the growth of ethnic minority cadres and the dedication of the aid-Tibet cadres.

In my writing, whether it is Gu Hong, a doctor considered a "living Bodhisattva" by the Tibetan masses, or Peng Haiyan, the enthusiastic deputy captain of the Beijing-Tibet Fleet of the Beijing Railway Passenger Section, or Lobsang Tenzin, a former serf who became his own master and the former deputy director of the Tibet Autonomous Region People's Congress, or Druju, the man who developed the uninhabited area of northern Tibet for 37 years, their stories have been featured inChina's Tibetmagazine. These stories have also baptized me and encouraged me to carry out public welfare activities in northern Tibet several times in the future.

Time flies. The magazine and website are constantly growing and have played an important role in promoting Tibet. On the 30th anniversary of the publication ofChina's Tibetmagazine and the 20th anniversary of the establishment ofChina Tibet Online, my wish is that the magazine and website get better and better. My stories of northern Tibet will continue to be written, helping people know about a Tibet that is progressing in a real and wonderful way.