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The portal website of Lhasa municipal people's government (hereinafter referred to as Lhasa municipal government website) is sponsored by the CPC Lhasa municipal committee and Lhasa municipal people's government, undertaken by the general office of Lhasa municipal people's government, and operated and maintained by Lhasa e-government center. The website mainly includes information disclosure, interaction between government and people, service, public opinion and other functions.

Website is now launched "news center, government affairs public, service experience, interactive, Tibet, into Lhasa" and other columns, the first authority issued a major policy decisions and Lhasa important policy documents, also faces the society to provide business related services with the government, the construction of web-based interactive new government and the public channel. As an important part of the construction of e-government in Lhasa, the Lhasa government network is a window for the government to face the society and a channel for the public to interact with the government.